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Supply and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers in Staffordshire and Cheshire.

 Staffordshire and Cheshire leading fire extinguisher supplier for over 25 years. a family business.


The Fire Extinguisher Supply Company is proud of being an exclusive supplier of Kite Marked extinguishers.

The Fire Extinguisher Supply Company is a family business located in Stoke-On-Trent supplying high quality fire protection to industry, hospitals, schools and business premises throughout the U.K.

Both myself and wife suffered horrific burns as children in fires, so over 25 years ago we decided that fire protection had to be of the highest quality so to protect life.

The Fire Extinguisher Supply Company prides itself on the delivery of the highest standard in products backed up by B.S.I  certification, installed by our own service engineer to your premises at no further cost to you the customer, guaranteeing its quality and ensuring your safety after delivery. We also decided it must be easily affordable to encourage fire protection, that’s why we don’t consider profit as our main aim but you the customer.


 dry powder extinguishers, impede escape roots and are damaging to ones health and premises.

Have you got the correct type ?

  We cater for all types of businesses: From the small corner store.

We also have the capacity to supply you with over 100 extinguisher’s or more.    

For all your fire extinguisher servicing, call us: over 30 years in the fire extinguisher trade.

We also carry huge stocks of high quality British Standards Kite Marked extinguishers. 

please ask for a quotation. Call  07940231873.

For all Your fire risk assessments and fire extinguisher maintenance call 07940231873.

Member of the British Fire Consortium.

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kite marked assured.

Installed to B.S 5306 part 8:2012.









Our quality

and rewardingly low prices encourage fire protection in the workplace.


Staffordshire and Cheshire’s leading extinguisher service provider:


Largest stocks High Quality Kite Marked Extinguishers Assured

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